"Music is the universal language of mankind." "Without music, life would be a mistake." "Music produces a kind of pleasure which human nature cannot do without." "Where words fail, music speaks." "To sing is to pray twice."

Born on the 4th of May 1767 to Rama Brahman & Sitamma, he is known for his soul stirring compositions full of Raga Bhava. He inherited his musical talents from his maternal grandfather, veena Kalahasthi Ayyar. He was a born composer. He learnt music under Sonti Venkataramanna. By his thirteenth year he had scribbled some of his compostitions on the walls of his house. His compositions are known for their beautiful swara sangathis & are apt for kalpana swaras & niraval.

Thyagaraja is known for his bhakthi towards Sri Rama & it is this bhakthi aspect that stands highlighted in his compositions. They are a popular choice for concerts. Thyagaraja had a number of disciples who have presrved & prpogated his compositions. His Pancharatna kirthanaigal are being sung by musicians even today uniformly, as a group, on hid death anniversary at his Samadhi. Thyagaraja has composed three operas Nauka Charithram, Prahalada Baktha Vijayam & Sitarama Vijayam. His mudra is Thyagaraja.